The love and passion for basketball made us decide to create and enable the development of amateur basketball team which joined the basketball games in Municipal League in Szczecin for the first time in 2011/2012 season .

The combination of youth, experience and passion with commitment allowed Elektryka Morska to compete for the top trophy in the second season tournament. This resulted in league championship and three statuettes
for athletes in individual events. Among the Elektryka’s players was the MVP of the tournament.

The road to the championship was long and strewn with murderous workouts. The culmination was a training camp which took place in Moryń on 30.03 – 01.04.2012. Thanks to our support, commitment and professional approach of players CAMP ELEKTRYKA was a successful venture.

Hard work and determination in pursuit of the league championship paid off. On June 22, 2012 Elektryka won the championship. Heavy and long season has come to an end.

Elektryka Morska is also a group of friends, that in spite of age differences respect each other’s views and achievements. Heavy workouts, trainings with a capital T – unheard of at this level of competition, the team merged into a strong and difficult to overcome monolith.

The company supports the development of young players. The young player’s award is given at the end of the season to the player who has made the greatest progress. In addition, we sponsor the award for best shooter and support three players team basketball tournament organized by Szczecin MLB.